True Trifocal Hydrophobic MICL


TriPhobic HD is an essentially a glistening free material to reduce visual disturbances, minimizing the loss of light. The optical quality is enhanced through a unique cast molding process without a need for any subsequent polishing process. Apart from the novel design, the material is developed to have enhanced stability across the temperature gradient for better operating room experience for surgeons and exceptional visual outcomes for patients. We set a new standard in preventing glistening by developing a material that maintains the long range order through the product life cycle. The Triphobic HD lens material is equivalent or superior to the material of new generation hydrophobic lenses.


  • Enhances Contrast Providing Excellent Near, Intermediate & Distance Vision
  • Refractive DiffractIve Aspheric Optic
  • Abberation Controlled Optic
  • Pale Yellow tint to Replicate Natural Lens Color and to block harmful high energy blue light
  • Proprietary Hydrophobic Material eliminates Glistening Effect.
  • Slanted transition Zones of decreasing Height which Reduces Light Scattering & halos.
  • Reduces pupil dependency
  • Dynamic Light distribution


Models :-


Material :-

Hydrophobic Acrylate Co Polymer

Power :-

IOL Power Range: +0.0D to +40.0 Diopter 0.5 D Steps (Spherical Equivalent Diopters)

Optic Diameter :-

6.00 mm

Overall Length :-

13.0 mm

Refrective Index :-


  Model AS-6TD
Material Hydrophobic Acrylate Co Polymer
IOL Powers 0.0D to +40.0 Diopter(0.5D Steps)
Optic Diameter 6.00mm
Overall Length 13.00mm
Optic Type Modifed refractive - diffractive & aspheric surface
Haptic Angulation 0° (Uniplanar)
Haptic Configuration C Loop Haptic
Refractive Index 1.543
A-Constant 118.8 (US Biometry)*