Refractive - Diffractive Optic | Slanted Transition Zones | 360° Square Edge | Aberration Neutral | Micro Incision Lens


  • AcriDiff is a high performance hydrophobic presbyopic IOL. The synchronised cast-moulding method of manufacturing enables a refractive-diffractive design with slanted transition zones of increasing height on the anterior surface and an aspheric posterior surface, resulting in superior optical quality for distance, near and intermediate vision. The precision of the production technique ensures good contrast sensitivity at all working distances and reduces the effects of light scatter, such as persistent glare and haloes. The lens contains a yellow tint to block harmful high energy blue light and the proprietary hydrophobic material eliminates any unwanted ‘glistening’ effect.


  • Hydrophobic MICL.
  •  Enhances contrast providing excellent near, intermediate & distance vision.
  •  Refractive DiffractIve Aspheric Optics.
  • Yellow tint to replicate natural lens color and to block harmful high energy blue light
  • Proprietary hydrophobic material eliminates glistening effect.
  • Slanted transition Zones of decreasing height which reduces Light scattering & halos.


Models :-


Material :-

Hydrophobic (Yellow Tinted)

Power :-

+0.0D to +30.0 Diopter 0.5 D Steps (Spherical Equivalent Diopters)

Diameter :-


Length :-


Refrective Index :-


  Model AS-6D
Material Hydrophobic (Yellow Tinted)
IOL Powers +0.0D to +30.0 Diopter 0.5 D Steps (Spherical Equivalent Diopters)
Addition for Near Focus +3.25D
Optic Diameter 6.00mm
Overall Length 13.00mm
Optic Type Modified  Refractive-Defractive & Aspheric Surface 
Haptic Angulation 0° (Plano)
Haptic Configuration Modified C-L Haptic
Refractive Index 1.53
A-Constant 118.52(SRK-T , US Biometry)*
  119.0(SRK-T , US Biometry)*