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Acriol Toric Multifocal (ATM)

Refractive - Diffractive Optic | Astigmatism Correcting | Square Edge | Aspheric Optic


The Patented design of Acriol Toric Multifocal ensures prefect stability inside the capsular bag and lowering the chances of LEC migration. The proprietary acrylic material with highest optical throughput and yellow tint like the natural lens at the age of 40 years. World Class Cast Molding Technology Ensures, Consistent Repeatability, Optical Quality, Asphericity, Surface Quality, Accuracy of Power and True Square Edge.



  • Compensates precisely for astigmatic errors of the eye.
  • Enhances contrast providing excellent near, intermediate & distance vision.
  • Reduces pupil dependency.
  • Balanced Distribution of Light Energy for all pupils.
  • Complete synchronized vision With astigmatism correction


Models :-


Material :-

Hydrophobic (Yellow Tinted)

Power :-

+6.0D to +30.0 Diopter 0.5 D Steps (Spherical Equivalent Diopters)

Diameter :-


Length :-


Refrective Index :-


Image Model AS-6T1 | AS-6T1.5 | AS-6T2 | AS-6T2.5 | AS-6T3 | AS-6T3.5 | AS-6T4
Material Hydrophobic Acrylic(Yellow Tinted)
IOL Powers +6.0D to +30.0 D (in 0.5 D Steps) (Spherical Equivalent Diopters)
IOL Cylinder Powers 1.00 D | 1.50 D | 2.00 D | 2.50 D | 3.00 D | 3.50 D | 4.00 D
Additional for Near Focus +3.25D
Optic Diameter 6.00mm
Overall Length 13.00mm
Optic Type Anterior-Diffractive Aspheric | Posterior - Toric Optic
Haptic Angulation 0° (Plano)
Haptic Configuration Modified C-L Haptic
Refractive Index 1.53
A-Constant 118.52(SRK-T , US Biometry)*
  119.0(SRK-T Opticals, US Biometry)*
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